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At Their Majesties' Service

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The story of Guernsey’s Allegiance to the English Crown.

A book written by Colonel Richard Graham who was Secretary and ADC to four Lieutenant-Governors in the Island of Guernsey from 1998 till 2012

This book tells the story of Guernsey’s special relationship with the Crown, from William the Conqueror to the present day. It examines the achievements and characters of the distinguished, and sometimes not so distinguished, representatives of the Crown in Guernsey while exploring the architectural and physical nature of their establishments, ‘The Government House’. Beautifully illustrated with historical and contemporary images of people, places and documents. Over 300 pages of approachable interesting text, with more than 170 pictures, printed in full colour and presented in hardback binding with illustrated cover.

About the Author Author - Richard Graham

Watch a slide show from the launch party (You Tube)

Listen to Colonel Richard Graham’s interviews from BBC Radio Guernsey (You Tube)
These were conducted over a week by Chris Quevatre from BBC Radio Guernsey at 5 locations around the island each place depicting a place that is significant in the book.

click the images below to open a PDF file showing a few of the pages included in the book

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Size: 205mm x 290mm
Pages: 394

At Their Majesties’ Service, written by Colonel Richard Graham and published by Gateway Publishing Ltd, Sark, Channel Islands


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